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green living tips
2015-Nov-17 23:42 - How to deal with waste plastic film PET fading process?
Currently on the market, there are many kinds of waste film, there are agricultural greenhouse film, film, industrial product packaging film, printing transfer film, and so on, how to print the film on top of the printed word, printing and other coating removed? A long-standing problem in the plastics recycling industry. On the other hand, p Polystyrene compactor and Styrofoam Recycling is necessary. Today Xiaobian to let everyone know that PET bronzing film recycling technology. A plastic fade cleaning, now on the market mainly by chemical solvent treatment is mainly used to fade fade, raw materials are: toluene acetone, butanone, cyclohexanone and so on all kinds of solvents. It is in fact production, properties of the films are light weight, thin body, required a large amount of solvent, the cost is relatively high price of natural recovery, the ordinary production simply can not afford the cost of recycling, also become useless. Heavy source machinery newly developed on printing transfer film, also known as PET bronzing film, anodized aluminum film recovery of cleaning equipment, production lines, production reached 800KG, the key is not to add any chemical additives in the production
2015-Nov-17 23:24 - Unlicensed waste plastic processing factory secretly started a stirring among the dry bones
"The undocumented waste plastic processing plants was law enforcement authorities forcibly banned, unexpectedly still secretly started, production the wafting smell, Xunde we often have a headache, nausea, insomnia, eat not eat." In recent days, Ledong Li Autonomous County Huangliu town Lai yuan Cun, several villagers, distance villagers living area not far away is a waste plastic processing plants, not only undocumented production, random discharge of sewage. "When the wind blows, a strange smell has floated into the room, the smell like burning caused by plastic." In November 5th, Ledong Huangliu town saw several villagers representatives reflect the matter. Chen said the villagers, the unlicensed waste plastic processing plants in the nearby village settled for two years lai. As long as the wind, Lai yuan Cun can smell the smell, just started thinking about is nearby residents in the burning of garbage, tenants can not every day and burn. Looking carefully at the source, the smell came from the processing factory.On the other hand, Styrofoam densifier and Styrofoam Recycling is necessary. Some villagers knocking processing plant into the door a look: Nosocomial piled up in the open air with many waste plastic bags, plastic bottles, woven bags and other objects, and a few simple machine is running, after the processing of plastic strips of cooling water, smashing into particles of the size of a grain of rice. And in the production of the same time, production equipment manufacturing a lot of smoke, the surrounding exudes a very pungent smell. Mr. Chen introduction, at first, the factory every day are in production, floating out smell particularly strong, who lives nearby villagers often been Xunde sleep, many people insomnia for a long time. Lai yuan Cun villagers repeated complaints to the relevant departments, Ledong land environment and Resources Bureau law enforcement officers has on the unlicensed processing factory to carry on the fight, but also removed some simple factories, but did not expect law enforcement officers left, processing plants and secretly resumed. According to the clues provided by the villagers, on the morning of November 5, Lai yuan Cun in the vicinity of a hillside found the unlicensed plastic product processing factory. Notice, factory covers an area of about 2 acres, built around the wall, inside is some simple brick or wooden houses. Did not go in, you can smell a pungent odor. The morning of November 5th, will know to reflect to the Huangliu town government. Introduction according to Wang, vice mayor of the town in charge of land environment, work, is located in Lai yuan Cun in the vicinity of a waste plastic processing plants, because of the lack of EIA, fire and other documents, and conduct random discharge of sewage, 2014 period, Huangliu town government was ordered to stop illegal production line, and will reflect the situation to Ledong County Land and environment department, then law enforcement officers of the banned, and the dismantling of illegal facilities. Vice Mayor Wang mentioned that recently, the town government did receive many villagers reflect the processing factory secretly resumed production of complaints, due to the appropriate law enforcement in town government under the jurisdiction of the land did not, can only reflect the situation to the land environment departments at the county level, has been reported to the processing plant ashes complex combustion situation, also has not been dealt with reply. It is understood that because it is difficult to bear the processing plant of illegal production behavior, the villagers had to stop the factory, the occurrence of conflicts during. In this regard, the government also reminded the villagers Huangliu Town, to express their aspirations legally. A deputy director then contacted Ledong Land Resources Bureau is responsible for handling the matter. According to the deputy director of the introduction, in residential areas near the furtive of polluting production activities on the environment is absolutely not allowed, it is impossible to carry out the examination and approval. Law enforcement departments have carried out demolitions on it, but did not expect the manufacturers had resumed production. The Department will immediately arrange for law enforcement officers to the scene to investigate, the next step will be the joint town government to ban the removal of the undocumented processing plant. On November 6, from Ledong Land Resources Bureau was informed that, the departments of law enforcement officers has to the scene ordered undocumented processing factory to immediately shut down, ordered the relevant responsible person to accept investigation, also to the surrounding villagers verification visits the relevant circumstances.
2015-Nov-17 23:05 - Xinfeng baned 12 waste plastic granulation workshop
Recently, by the government of the new Fengzhen lead the coordination, environmental protection, market supervision, comprehensive law enforcement, public security, electricity and other departments of the joint law enforcement, within the jurisdiction of the 12 unlicensed waste plastic granulation workshop were forced to dismantle banned. After preliminary investigations, new Fengzhen 25 waste plastic granulation workshop, in addition to the eight license is complete, and the remaining 17 are all undocumented unlicensed operation of households, now five no sun enterprise has voluntarily dismantled moved out. The town decided to focus on the remaining 12 non waste plastic granulation workshop centralized dismantling ban. These to be banned farmers most without the approval or examination and approval of the environmental protection departments unqualified and illegal occupation of land, by explicitly eliminated by the state of the technology and equipment for production, cause extremely serious pollution to the rivers and farmland soil, surrounding the masses strongly, the town staff much persuasion failed.On the other hand, Greenmax Recycling and s Styrofoam Recycling is necessary. Since the beginning of 11 months, Xinfeng market regulators law enforcement officers with the town government and other law enforcement departments, the production of these illegal waste plastic granulation workshop mandatory ban. In ban process, the law enforcement officers actively cooperate with environmental protection, administrative law enforcement departments, the workshop main patient's legal education, and supervision of the demolition of illegal production machinery and equipment of the whole process.
2015-Nov-17 22:57 - China and South Korea plastic waste into the Japanese coast
Foreign media said, since 25 years ago, the Pacific Garbage has been found, people to prevent the garbage in particular, white trash (plastic garbage) into the sea or water, for this huge waste of fresh blood to do the efforts may be growing. Therefore, when Japan recently announced that from January this year, about 15000 major countries from neighboring South Korea and China's plastic bottles were washed on the coast of Japan, this is clearly should arouse people's vigilance. At the same time, some plastic bottles are also written in the words "toxic" or "oxidant", and even some are also marked with hydrogen peroxide solution and nitric acid chemical signs. Even more frightening is that the clean-up of the coast of the staff is still found in the garbage nearly 1000 lighter. According to the United States, "Huffington post" reported in August 19th, it is clear that Japan's neighbors to prevent the entry of waste into the sea strategy has not been effective. "Wall Street journal" published an article earlier this year said that China is the world's largest producer of marine waste, Indonesia ranked second. The article said that in 2010, China's coastal residents produced 8820000 tons of plastic waste disposal, almost 27.7% of the world's plastic waste. Which has about 1320000 - 3530000 tons of plastic waste eventually became a marine garbage. In Okinawa County, Japan, about 80% of the coast from china. Reportedly, 2010 - 2013, Japan's environment ministry conducted a field investigation on the coast to determine the source of garbage, garbage. About 50% of the garbage comes from South Korea, and the rest from Japan and China are half of the rubbish. This year, 15000 plastic bottles on the coast of Japan, 1/3 from South korea. And another study from the University of Tokyo's research shows that 85% of the Japanese coast, the South korean. Every year the Japanese government to 10 million tons of waste disposal coast, coastal garbage front long, and Kyushu Island, off the coast and Honshu Island in the northern and western regions. These coastal areas are facing the sea of japan. Japanese people are trying to clean up the floating sea rubbish. It's a pity that the South Koreans have been trying to change the name of this area to the East China Sea for a few years. Ironically, one of the potential causes of this environmental pollution problem is an industry that has been considered to be a very small environmental impact. The edible seaweed long on the rope in the sea bottom row, sowing, growth. After the harvest of the algae, people will use disinfectant to disinfect the rope, and then again to sow. If the plastic bottle with a disinfectant had not been able to be well disposed of, the end of it would probably be on the coast of Japan. Reported that although no one is willing to look at the garbage on their own beach, but this may be one of the more than the end of the sea, such as the circulation of the sea, such as the Pacific garbage, much stronger. Once the waste is incorporated into the circulation of the great tide, it is much more difficult to remove them than to remove the coast. Plastic products are particularly troublesome, in 2014, "National Geographic" magazine article said, now the world's oceans are floating around 5.25 tons of 269000 tons of plastic products. Marine cleaning groups have given some amazing impact on marine litter: At least 1000000 birds and 100000 marine mammals die each year. Including Hawaii monk seals, turtles and about more than 100 kinds of biological threatened.Waste disposal costs about $1500 per ton - 2.5 million dollars.On the other hand, Styrofoam densifier and Styrofoam Recycling is necessary. Plastic products need about 450 years to be biodegradable. Tiny plastic particles are sometimes called "small balls", which are toxic to the sponge, absorbing oil, gasoline, chemical poison and other toxic substances. Once in the food chain, these toxins will accumulate in the body, and eventually accumulate in fish. The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said the smaller fish, plankton and sea birds have been found in the body of this kind of plastic ball". It seems that the toxic substances into our seafood dinner is only a matter of time. Reported that no matter whether the garbage is collected from the sea or from the shore to collect, how to deal with them is a difficult problem. Japanese people out of the name of love: the Japanese people will be careful to divide the daily garbage into combustible, non combustible and can be recycled. Go see a sports game, the audience also want to pack up and go home to do garbage classification. Still, a lot of rubbish on the coast of Japan is also found in Japan. One of the most important problems facing the Japanese is to clean the sea and to ensure that it is not subject to further pollution. In the next few months, South Korea and Japan's government officials will discuss this issue.
2015-Aug-27 02:27 - Recycling of waste plastics
Melting regeneration This method is used to heat and melt the waste plastic into the plastic. According to the properties of raw materials, two kinds of simple regeneration and compound regeneration can be divided. Simple regeneration has been widely used, the main recycling resin production plant and plastic products factory produced in the process of production of waste, but also can include those who are easy to clean, the selection of a use of waste. This part of the characteristics of waste material is relatively clean, the composition is relatively simple, using a simple process and equipment to get a good quality of recycled plastic, its performance and the new material is not much difference. Plastic waste materials are now about 20% use of this recycling method, at this stage most of the plastic recycling plant is a kind of this category. The waste plastics used in the compound regeneration are collected from different sources, and the impurities are more and more, and have the characteristics of diversification, mixing and pollution. Because of the difference of the physical and chemical properties of different kinds of plastics, the mixture is not suitable for direct processing, and different kinds of separation must be carried out before regeneration. Therefore, the advanced separation equipment which has been adopted in the world can be used to separate the different materials. Generally speaking, the nature of composite recycled plastics is not stable, easy to brittle, it is often used to prepare lower grades of products, such as building materials, garbage bags, micro hole sandals, raincoat and other packaging materials, etc.. At present, China's Dalian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, Qingdao, Zhuzhou, Handan, Baoding, Zhangjiakou, Guilin, as well as Beijing, Shanghai and so on to respectively from Japan, Germany cited into more than 20 sets of (Taiwan) melting method regeneration process by means of waste plastics, mainly for the production of building materials and products made from recycled plastic, civil engineering materials, coatings, plastics, filler. (2) modified regeneration Refers to the chemical or mechanical method of waste plastics modification. After modification, the mechanical properties of recycled products can be improved, and the products with higher quality can be obtained. Japanese Takarazuka City Industrial Technology Research and development test the invented a kind of method, the waste paper and waste polyethylene processing into synthetic wood, the synthetic wood and natural wood processing, texture and natural wood as well. Australia Clayton polymer cooperative research center study out a polyethylene film and the leftover bits and pieces and waste paper fiber production in the construction industry with wood alternative manufacturing process, the machining process in a twin screw extruder were, art and technology in temperature is lower than 200 DEG C, avoid the degradation of fiber. The production method of the news paper / polyethylene composite appearance, density and mechanical properties and hard fiberboard similar, available standard tools for cutting, shaping, when a nail is driven in the anticracking performance is also very good, waterproof performance is better than that of the hard fibre board. Nishihori Zheno "Aiyinmu" technology dry milled cleaning to plastic waste recycling, to use a renewable raw material PE, PP, PVC, ABS mixed waste sawdust, sawdust content of production more than more than 50% of the new board. Aiyinmu technology has attracted worldwide attention, especially in developed countries and have strong repercussions. In terms of chemical additives, Ciba - geigy company produce a containing antioxidant, stabilizer and other active and non active additives mixed additives, so that the performance of the recovered material basically recovered to the original level, Holland has developed a new chemical compatibilizer can contain different polymer recycling of plastic bonded together. The State Shear Pulverization Solid (S3P) was used to make mechanical processing, without the need of heating and melting, the molecular level of HDPE and LLDPE was formed. The tensile strength and flexural modulus of the blends were comparable with that of Styrofoam Recycling and LLDPE. In the last two years of the solid state shear extrusion method, the reaction of blending method, multilayer sandwich injection molding technology and reactive extrusion of law to make some difficult to recycle waste plastic regeneration utilization becomes possible.
2015-Aug-27 02:19 - Waste plastics --EPS process
First, the first processing of raw materials, mainly for the foam, sorting Foamed polystyrene, also known as EPS, most of the electrical products, electronic instrument packaging, heat insulation, sound insulation materials, such as cold storage, etc.. Features: these packaging material is relatively light, remove impurities can be carried out immediately after the smash (special reminder: in the crushing must be wind and wind to avoid blowing) Two, crushing stage The block of Styrofoam Recycling, through the mill gear to do rotary motion, and the chunk of foam scattered into small block. In order to facilitate the processing of post production. Three, feeding After the break the foam began to granulation. General use of a special person to feed, preferably in the machine to install a forced feeding machine, but a certain degree of two machines, it can be said that the upper and lower machine granulation production. Four, through the cone type hopper, will be cut into the foam to melt, melt after drawing, Five, pull out of the material through the cold water tank, cooling (so you do not need to force heating up) Six, the cooling of the filamentous material, out of the grain is the regeneration of PS through benzene, after cutting machine, cutting into granular material (3mm*4mm) Seven, out of the finished style: finished particles The feel of the material: it is more brittle, hard, brown
2015-Aug-27 02:13 - Reuse of waste plastics two times
In our daily life, we have some of the EPS Recyclingis two times, these raw materials are generally more miscellaneous, is mixed with many miscellaneous materials, difficult to process, need a lot of manpower, material resources. For different raw materials, we should have different equipment to deal with. In order to make the hybrid material processed uniformly, it must make the whole composition in the molten state, and adopt high shear rate. Mixed high melting point constituent branch of temperature will make the low melting component degradation. Therefore, it is necessary to shorten the retention time, in view of the two points, requirements: 1, and then processing equipment must be able to withstand high shear rate at high temperature in order to shorten the processing time. 2, the requirements of the source of waste plastics and composition of relatively fixed, in order to ensure the stability of the performance of recycled products. 3, low energy consumption, high output, so that the cost to the lowest. Although the economy of Styrofoam Recycling and the use of new material to manufacture the product is not the same. But the price is low, however, other aspects of the cost is quite high, such as the service life of the equipment, the enterprise's general management fees, so only high productivity can reduce the cost
2015-Aug-27 02:06 - The recycling of waste plastics can be divided into four levels.
Old plastic recycling Recyclable waste plastics recycling can be divided into four levels: A recovery refers to the usual processes recyclable waste plastic scrap processed into new material performance and the same or similar products. Two refers to the recycling of waste plastics (such as scrap) by one or more processing method for processing into a slightly poorer performance than the new material products. The three stage recovery is the chemical composition of the waste plastics, which makes it become a monomer or fuel. The four stage recycling is to recover the energy from the waste plastics by means of burning. Classification of the first and two stages of recycling is often not very clear, such as phenolic plastics are often added to the pure compound used in the production of small changes in the performance of the same products, but the recovery of phenolic plastics is still classified as two grade recycling. The reason is that the recovery of the waste and used phenolic compounds in the mixture of pure compounds with only the role of filler, and its own does not have the pure compound. A similar situation is also present in the division of the three levels and four levels of recycling. Using some incinerator is a two-step process, the thermal decomposition of waste plastics, after burning heat decomposition products, although it is used for the recovery of energy, but due to the waste is first transformed into the monomer or chemical raw materials, so this two-step process is divided into the tertiary recovery.On the other hand, polyethylene foam recycling and Styrofoam Recycling is necessary.
2015-Aug-6 20:54 - Tianjin introduced environment-friendly extruded polystyrene foam board
Extruded foam insulation board is a kind of insulation material, mainly used in the field of building insulation, cold storage, highway, railway roadbed. In 2013, China's total output of extruded foam reached 19000000 m3, in the insulation material has more than 70% market share. It is reported that the world's most advanced environmental protection type extruded polystyrene foam board project officially settled in Tianjin, because Tianjin sunshine world introduced Austrian basart environment-friendly extruded polystyrene production line. In 2011 after the Ministry of environmental protection and the United Nations development program and other relevant agencies of the assessment, the official into the China Environmental Protection Association, China building materials association. This indicates that Tianjin will face greater opportunities for development, will also drive the entire Tianjin city and North China region related to the further upgrading of thermal insulation products, and thus make a more solid contribution to China's environmental protection and energy conservation. Chinese extruded foam insulation board industry mainly uses hydrogen containing chlorofluorocarbon blowing agent. This kind of foaming agent from escaping into the atmosphere will cause damage to the ozone layer, and is also a potent greenhouse gas, produce benzene, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances and does great harm to the human body. Therefore, to accelerate the elimination of Styrofoam Recycling not only to protect the ozone layer of great significance, will greatly slow down global warming.
2015-Aug-6 20:43 - Shandong Intco accelerate the pace of innovation development "plastic stone"
Intco environmental transformation and the latest research achievements accumulated over the years into productivity, can digest the white waste plastic foam 55000 tons per year, the production of wood art decorative wire of 100000 cubic meters, equivalent to the number of replacement of wood, to avoid the millions of trees over 8 years of deforestation, reduce carbon dioxide emissions 150000 tons, saving 200000 tons of oil resources, and providing more than 2000 jobs, for his outstanding contribution to the local economy, has been rated as high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province, Shandong province of circular economy pilot units, Shandong Province comprehensive utilization of resources of enterprises, has been selected China plastics processing industry association as the "R & D and production base of plastic recycling China". Upstart as a field of architectural decoration materials, Yingke environment-friendly production of all kinds of wood products, opened the new field of utilization of renewable resources. The latest research and development of "plastic on behalf of the stone imitation marble decorative materials, the price is only one tenth of the marble products, and material lightweight, easy transportation, installation, applicable to the processing of various shaped and the cambered surface, greatly reduces the processing difficulty of the natural stone, to avoid the problem of radiation of natural stone. In recent years, on behalf of the lnternational environmental protection scientific research achievements of "making use of waste foamed plastics making decorative frame", "anti ultraviolet multilayer coextrusion foaming molding material", "waste plastic regeneration using double plunger backwash filter" and so on a number of patented inventions are brought before the international industry standards. While adhering to the excellence of quality requirements and pragmatic and innovative corporate culture, to make the lnternational environmental protection outstanding in the fierce international competition, become currently the industry scale largest and best quality, complete product range, on-time delivery of Styrofoam Recycling products, one of professional manufacturers. GreenMax machine, chairman Fang Yi Liu Yingke told "China Economic Weekly" reporter the interview, he felt in an effort to create this cause prove two things, one is recycling industry has a great developing space and has higher commercial operation and economic benefit; the second is the regeneration of the force at the core of the sustainable development of the resource industry is to continue to carry out scientific and technological innovation.
2015-Aug-6 20:35 - Soft polyethylene foam is widely used in the field of packaging
Soft polyethylene foam is a kind of buffer material, which is made of polyethylene resin as main body, foaming agent, crosslinking agent and other additives. It has the following characteristics: (1) almost non absorbent and almost impermeable vapor, the long-term use of the wet environment will not be affected by moisture, so the heat conduction coefficient can be maintained (PUR, PF, EPS, etc. can not be compared), and for soft foam, with a very good flexibility. (2) the compression performance is poor, and there is a compression creep when used under the compression condition. (3) suitable for cryogenic pipe and air conditioning duct. It has the advantages of small density, minimum of 0.01/cm3, buffer, heat resistance, water absorption, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, toughness, flexibility, resistance to friction, good processing performance, easy molding, etc.. Soft polyethylene foam Recycling is widely used in precision instruments, household appliances, glass and ceramic products, handicrafts, valuables, such as buffer packaging. It also can be made into a cushion liner, as a packing material. It can also be made into a buffer bag, a buffer box and other Styrofoam Recycling containers and frozen food, hot food, such as heat insulation container, etc..
2015-Aug-6 20:04 - Analysis of the buffer layer foam film
Buffer layer foam films in some aspects similar to the wrapping paper, in it a tiny mesh structure. On the other hand, it is smooth. The films have both anti humidity and heat shrinkage, and also have the buffer and transparency. It is composed of two layers of button, the layer is a foaming layer: with polypropylene as the main ingredient, another layer is non foam layer, namely thermoplastic resin layer: available ion type polymer or low density polyethylene. After the formation of the film along the vertical and horizontal stretching more than 3 times, so that the bubble burst into the foam layer, and thus get the buffer effect of the heat shrink packaging film. Now consider the following example: containing a foaming agent (sodium bicarbonate, Azodicarbonamide or semi toluene sulfonyl urea, etc.) 100 portions of polypropylene, atactic polypropylene (melt index MI=7.0) of the 100 copies, composed of a mixture of resin foam with low density polyethylene as a non foaming resin. Will two kinds of resins were placed in two extruder mixing, and then into a diameter of 50mm cylindrical co extrusion die head, the pipe inner membrane is a foaming layer, outer layer is a non foam layer and the inflation gets thicker as 0.130mm double-layer composite membrane, blowing expansion ratio of 4.4, the tensile ratio of 5. In the inflation process, the foaming layer of bubble most rupture to form a mesh structure, the mesh is circular or elliptic, mesh diameter is 1 ~ 4mm, the surface is concave and convex, and outer layer and ordinary plastic film as smooth, robust and transparent. The longitudinal and transverse shrinkage rate of the film was 30% when the temperature of the film was heated in 170. If the film is used in the carton packaging, it can get good shrinkage, good transparency and good decorative effect. On the other hand, polyethylene foam recycling and Styrofoam Recycling is necessary.
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